ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit v15.1

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Released: Mar 10, 2015
Updated: Mar 11, 2015 by IlyaKhD
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Application ASP.NET Ajax Control Toolkit v15.1
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The process for upgrading to 15.1 is also not as simple as the "guide" indicates - at least in my experience yesterday and today. It is not automatically registered as a replacement to the previously referenced version (in my case - at least, it didn't for me anyway, which meant I had to search for the new DLL first. After the install, the new toolkit DLL is hidden away under C:\Users\Public\Documents\ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit v15.1\SampleSite\bin. This seems to be the ONLY place it is deposited to by the installer, but with no obvious way to find it I had to perform a search on my entire hard drive for the DLL. Not to mention the amount of bulk Find/Replace actions required in the project to change to the new markup tags (e.g. "cc1:" becomes "ajaxToolkit:"). There is still at least one major flaw (that I've tested) that occurs in the MaskedEditExtender, where ClearMaskOnLostFocus still does not work. (A fix has apparently been queued for release with version v15.1.2, but I see no visible timeline for this? - to resolve this particular bug I use a custom code fix I developed for v4.1.7.x: see
by AlecM on Mar 26 at 1:36 PM
It is great to see all the things you have done for the Toolkit, but please add a Nuget packages or let us download the binaries without the installer.
by esben2000 on Mar 11 at 10:40 PM
All bugs I'd previously seen (which required me to use a version that was over a year old) are fixed! Thank you DevExpress!
by mlippold on Mar 11 at 10:24 AM
Nuget package! Nuget package!
by 47th on Mar 26 at 12:20 PM
Second esben2000 review, we do need the nuget package.
by tatigo on Mar 12 at 7:29 PM
I have VS express - and the installer will not handle express versions. Bummer.
by PASSENGER on Fri at 10:56 AM
It's over folks. So much for Microsoft heading the open source way, not that I'm a fan mind you. Now what was a very friendly bit of kit can now only be used with an installer that puts it wherever on your computer. Time for all to firmly join the JQuery train and make this a non-starter for DevExpress...Could not just leave well enough alone.
by grifferweb on Apr 12 at 11:43 AM
Are we supposed to be excited that a company who sells controls has taken over a free open source control project? Are we supposed to believe that their motivation is anything other than intentionally gimping this software so we can "upgrade" to the paid version? It has already started with the removal of the AjaxFileUpload control from the online documentation. This control was a free competitor to DevExpresse's paid ASPxUploadControl. I guess the AjaxControlToolkit is now the trial version of DevExpresses licensed controls?
by DrewCerny on Apr 9 at 9:41 PM
Great release regarding to the previous junk. Some things are missing in the migration tutorial and official nuget would be nice. We compiled the newest sources (with tab-hotfix) and put it on our private nuget server. No problems at all with a bigger project.
by efcoyote on Apr 9 at 7:53 AM
The type or namespace name 'ToolkitScriptManager' does not exist in the namespace 'AjaxControlToolkit' nuffsaid. nothing fixes this. i have a big project and now i wish i had not used the toolkit.
by dcarl661 on Apr 8 at 6:11 PM
AJAX Control Toolkit now uses the standard ScriptManager, thus the ToolkitScriptManager was removed. Refer to the Home page.
Reply by IlyaKhD (Developer) on Apr 9 at 9:27 AM
by muhammedfatih on Apr 7 at 1:31 PM
Version control ajaxfileupload is supported ?, does not appear in the documentation, however VisualStudio available
by paskal77 on Mar 29 at 3:40 AM
I'm thrilled you guys took this over, but step 1 is to reference the DLL, and you guys don't say how to do that. Everyone knows how to use nuget, and maybe you are trying to advertise (-- but I think you should do nuget too, lost a star from me, people will still learn who you are). I dragged an item from the toolbox (I never use the toolbox) and it didn't add it. I searched my entire hard drive for the DLL and found it in an obscure location: C:\users\public\public documents\...\bin.
by jaredthirsk on Mar 29 at 12:04 AM
Welcome Back AJAX Control Toolkit! But please provide a Nuget package for those who need only the runtime...
by Benjiiim on Mar 28 at 1:25 PM
Upgrading all my sites was fairly quick and painless. First impression is that things are working well, and there is even a little performance improvement. Keep up the good work!
by Saavik on Mar 16 at 5:10 AM
I am so glad you took over the development of the toolkit. By simply upgrading to your first release the entire website was even faster and all controls I am using on it are loading smoothly. So keep up teh good work!! Cannot wait for your next release!!!
by brillox on Mar 12 at 10:48 PM
Good job, guys!
by lukyanov_as on Mar 12 at 8:56 PM