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I am writing a status email after a while so if you were wondering what’s happening in the toolkit world here you go.

It has been quite eventful as we have been busy churning out releases. We had a chunky release along with ASP.Net AJAX 1.0 and a quick patch-up release with minor refinements to it. The response has been overwhelming (77K and 20K downloads respectively), the forums are busy and the bug count is rising. We can feel the excitement in the community participation on the forums and in the bug reports.

We appreciate the efforts put in by the community in resolving issues posted by our users on the forums. Your involvement on the forums is vital to making the toolkit a richer platform by helping sort out complex user scenarios. So thanks again!

Work item assignments:
We, the toolkit team, have been reviewing and triaging issues frequently and have made bug assignments to toolkit contributors to investigate issues relevant to their fields of expertise. We have 187 bugs assigned to various toolkit contributors.

Here is the distribution: CWenz (2), DavidAns(37), FCerqueira(16), Garbin(8), Glavman(2), IDisposable(1), KirtiD(23), PierLag(4), RBuckton(40), ScottCate(1), ShawnBurke(10), TedGlaza(43). Please use the Codeplex votes field, Priority field and Release field to prioritize your fixes.

Next toolkit releases:
  • 10228: We have marked this release to be around end of February tentatively. It will include bug fixes and possibly some new controls that are already in prototype. Currently there are 137 active bugs in this bucket. If you think that a specific bug assigned to you does not block core functionality and could be postponed to make time for more pressing issues feel free to move it to the next release.
  • 10330: This is the next release set to be around the end of March. It is subject to change.

New Controls in Prototype:
There are some new controls in the pipeline for the coming releases. These are checked into the prototype project currently.
  • AnimatedSiteMapMenu
  • ListSearchExtender
  • SlideShowExtender.
  • BalloonPopupExtender

We would like to ensure that a new control has no known issues before it is moved into the toolkit project from prototype and has supporting automated and manual tests to validate core functionality.

New Controls Wishlist: We are tracking controls that we would like to see added to the toolkit on this page: ControlsWishlist. They are also available in issue tracker as work items under the wishlist component. Please vote for components you would like to see in the toolkit. We also encourage you all to find control ideas that you find interesting and take up ownership of those controls and submit them into the toolkit. Let us know if you are interested in authoring specific controls listed in the wishlist.

Bug opening guidelines:
To ensure that valid toolkit specific issues get reported as work items we recommend users follow these guidelines when logging bugs. Bugs that do not provide sufficient information or mandate a forum discussion will be closed with the following justifications.
  • Users opening bugs should add a simple code repro, specify toolkit release number, browser information and forum post links if applicable for quicker and easier resolution of bugs.
  • Questions revolving around tailoring controls to perform specific actions should be posted on the forums before opening a bug under issue tracker. This will allow the community to participate by providing suggestions and workarounds if possible. In addition to that, the community and the toolkit team will be able to point you to known issues and work items if applicable. If the forum thread comes to a consensus that there is an underlying problem/need for support in the toolkit for that particular issue and it is not being tracked, then a work item should be opened with a link to the forum post.

Toolkit Next Steps:
  • Accessibility: We would like the toolkit to be accessibility conformant: We are working on prioritizing various accessibility issues. We have work item 7431 tracking this. It has a document attached to it that lists the toolkit accessibility plans.
  • International: We would like the toolkit to have globalization and localization support. We are tracking bugs individually for controls that call out culture specific issues instead of having an uber-bug.
  • Themes: We would like the toolkit controls to allow themes and have plans to support it. Work item 6838 tracks this.
  • API documentation: The toolkit control apis are briefly discussed on the sample website but an sdk will help clarify a lot of issues. Work item 7433 tracks this.
  • Update Controls/Data Binding: We would like to come up with a set of best practices for control usage with update panels and recommended ways of toolkit controls data-binding. Work item 7710 tracks this.

We are working on these items and more to refine the toolkit on various aspects that determine its adoption across boundaries. Suggestions and ideas are always welcome.

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