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Toolkit Highlights July 31st 2007

We had a last Toolkit release in June and we followed it up with an Orcas version of the Toolkit last week. We would like to share some of the happenings in the Toolkit world and give our patrons a preview of what they should expect in coming months.
  • Next release August 24th: The next Toolkit release is targeted to be around the 24th of August and is numbered 10824. We would like to hit code complete around the 20th of August. This release got delayed because we had to spend some cycles working on the Orcas Toolkit and we also have some new features coming like the test harness and major bug fixes which needed additional time. Here are the top priorities for the upcoming release.
    • New test harness: We would like to introduce a new test infrastructure that will help us write more efficient and thorough tests in managed code. We would like to have tests associated with every check-in so that we avoid regressions and make the Toolkit more robust and reliable. Hence it is important that we get a test harness that is easy to learn and use so that all contributors including patch authors can submit tests along with any changes to the Toolkit that validate the same.
    • Migration of existing tests: The current set of tests in the Toolkit are written using the old infrastructure. We would like to move all those to use the new test harness.
    • New tests: Since the existing set of tests are very basic we would like to add new tests that validate control functionality in further detail.
    • Bug fixes: We have quite a few highly voted bugs and new feature requests. We would like to target those to make sure we deliver what our users would like to see most in the Toolkit.
    • New controls: We are still debating this but if we are able to get some ready, we would like to have some new controls in the Toolkit. This is still on the wishlist till the components are completely done and ready for public use.
  • Toolkit contributors: If you have bugs assigned to you, you should have already received an email from me with the list of bugs we recommend that you fix for the next Toolkit release. Action Item: Please keep us in the loop with any issues you run into and send us an email with the issues that you think you can fix before August 20th.
  • Toolkit and Patches: The patch utility has been a great success and we continue to get great fixes from the community. We encourage all contributors and users to take a look at existing bugs and provide fixes for ones they most care about. That has proved to be the fastest way of having changes be part of the Toolkit.
  • Toolkit and Orcas: We released a Toolkit version that works well with the Visual Studio 2008 and .NET Framework 3.5 Beta 2 release. If you have Beta 2 you can also try the Toolkit with it. It is available for download from the Toolkit releases page. We plan to continue this support and release Orcas versions every release going forward.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns via the forums or by email.

The Toolkit team

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