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The following work items have been fixed in release 40412

AsyncFileUpload: Expose methods to clear / reset the previous File uploads.

RoundedCorners: Extender surrounding divs are disconnected from the target panel in firefox.

Animation: OnMouseOver/OnMouseOver Events are fired for every inner block of the elements of the target element.

MaskedEditExtender: For some regional setting (like in HU-hu) the date separator length can be greater than 1 char long, and the page will throw an ArgumentOutOfRangeException.

AsyncFileUpload: Supports InProc session mode only.

MaskedEditExtender: 'Unspecified error' will be thrown in IE if the window.document is not ready.

MaskedEditExtender: Does not work properly with initial value when the property, 'ClearMaskOnLostFocus' is set to false.

Rating: Provide themable properties.

ModalPopup: Blinks on Page Change in FireFox.

CascadingDropDown: Adds tooltip functionality.

ReorderList: Bug in Safari when scrolling Title is required.

ModalPopup: zIndex issues.

In addition a number of other bugs and improvements have been applied, not associated with existing work items.

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