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December 14th 2006:

Next toolkit releases:
  • 61214 scheduled on December 14th 2006: This release coincides with the Atlas RC Release with namespace changes and some minor bug fixes. Link to release: This is the list of bugs marked for this release i.e. the “Release” field in issue tracker has been set to 61214.
    • 5505: Autosize not working in beta2
    • 6043: Default value on slider
    • 5312: Slider handle not repositioning on page load
    • 4992: Sliders do not initialize correctly in IE6 and 7
    • 5318: Elements can get focus when Modal popup is shown
  • FinalRelease2006 scheduled around the end of December. Once we have the date fixed we will change the release name. This will be a major release with several bug fixes and new controls. We have not finalized the list yet. If you have checked in fixes for work items that you would like to be targeted in this release please update the “Release” field of those issues.Link to release:

Work Item Updates: In the past we have not been very consistent on closing bugs, marking them as fixed and marking the release number. The toolkit team will ensure that new releases are added on a timely basis. So we should have one right before the next one is released and any bugs\work items that did not make it into that release will be moved over. To make it easier for all of us to choose bugs for a particular release and make bug triage easier here is a small set of more granular guidelines. Please let me know if you have feedback. We would like to streamline this process to allow for more transparency. I will add this to the contributors’ playbook once we have finalized on this.
  • Fixing bugs assigned to you: Update the bug when you check-in with the
    • Release number you would like the change to be picked up in
    • Changelist number
    • Brief description of the fix
    • And mark the bug as “fixed”
  • Closing bugs assigned to you:
    • If you opened the bug and it is assigned to you as “fixed”
    • Verify that it has been fixed and mark the bug as “closed” with a small summary of the validation you ran
    • If you think the bug needs more information please mark the bug as “closed” with the relevant information it requires
    • If you think the fix is not required please mark the bug as “closed” with the correct reason, for example “by design”, “not enough resources”, “not a valid scenario” etc.
  • Reopening bugs assigned to you:
    • If you opened the bug and it is assigned to you as closed with more information or code requested, reopen the bug only when you have all the information necessary for the developer to reproduce the problem
    • If you have a bug that has been closed because it does not mandate a fix reopen it only if you have a compelling scenario that it needs to be fixed for.

Reiterating, every fixed bug should have the “Release” field set and the change-list information.

Updates from the toolkit team?

Every time we create a new release an email with
  • the tentative release name
  • proposed release date and
  • release nature like bug fixes\new controls\ ajax compatibility changes.

Active Issue status: Currently we have 105 active work items under issue tracker. We encourage you to fix issues assigned to you soon so that it will allow us enough time to perform a decent test pass before the final release this year.

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