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Accordion Control(demo)

The Accordion control represents a series of panes that can be viewed one at a time. The control is used to create "strongly typed" access to the AccordionBehavior. Its major purpose is to structure the content in a way that the AccordionBehavior can understand it.


Name Description
AutoSize Determines how to controll resizing of the Accordion. If it is set to None, then the Accordion can grow as large or as small as necessary. If it is set to Limit, then the Accordion will always be less than or equal to its Height. If it is set to Fill then it will always be equal to its height. The default is None.
ContentCssClass The default Content CSS class
ContentTemplate A template for the content of databound panes
Controls Prevent the Controls property from appearing in the editor (so that people will use the Panes collection instead)
DataMember A member in the DataSource to bind to
DataSource The data source that provides data for populating the list of AccordionPanes
DataSourceID The ID of the DataControl that this control should use to retrieve its data source. When the control is bound to a DataControl, it can retrieve a data source instance on demand, and thereby attempt to work in auto-DataBind mode.
FadeTransitions Whether or not to use a fade effect when transitioning between selected Accordion Panes. The default is false
FramesPerSecond The number of frames per second used in animation effects' transition. This is used to tune performance when using FadeTransition, a large number of Accordion Panes, etc. The default is 30.
HeaderCssClass The default Header CSS class
HeaderSelectedCssClass The default selected Header CSS Class
HeaderTemplate A template for the Header of databound panes
Panes A collection of child panes in the Accordion
RequireOpenedPane Whether or not clicking the header will close the currently opened pane (leaving all the Accordion's panes closed). The default is true
SelectedIndex Index of the AccordionPane to be displayed (this property must be set before OnPreRender). The default is 0
SuppressHeaderPostbacks Whether or not we suppress the client-side click handlers of any elements (including server controls like Button or HTML elements like anchor) in the header sections of the Accordion. The default is false
TransitionDuration Length of the transition animation in milliseconds. The default is 500


Bind the Accordion to its DataSource

Override FindControl to look first at this control, then check each of its child AccordionPanes for the control
  • id
    • Type: String
    • Description: ID of the control to find


An event to raise when a command is fired

An event to raise when an item (i.e. Pane's Header or Content) is created during data binding

An event to raise when an item (i.e. Pane's Header or Content) is data bound

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