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DragPanel Extender (demo)

This extender attaches the stock floatingBehavior to the panel and is an example of wrapping the existing behavior with an extender. On being attached to the panel, a user can then drag that panel around the browser rendering surface using the mouse.


Name Description
DragHandleID The server ID of a control that will serve as a handle for this drag operation. When a user clicks and drags this control, the associated panel will be moved as well.

Client properties

Handles to drag the panel around.
Getter name: get_handle()
Setter name: set_handle(value)

Defines the location of an element being dragged.
Getter name: get_location()
Setter name: set_location(value)

Client events

Move event handler.
Add event handler method: add_move(handler)
Remove event handler method: remove_move(handler)

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