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Enlist in the Ajax Control Toolkit

Get the source code for the Ajax Control Toolkit by enlisting in the Ajax Control Toolkit project.

1. Install the TortoiseHG Mercurial Client - We recommend that you use the TortoiseHG client to interact with the Ajax Control Toolkit repository. The TortoiseHG client is an open-source client for the Mercurial version control system. Download the TortoiseHG client from the following URL: (It is called TortoiseHG because HG is the abbreviation for the element mercury)
2. Clone the Ajax Control Toolkit Repository -Create a new folder named AjaxControlToolkitHG. Right-click the folder and select the menu option TortoiseHG, Clone.
In the Clone dialog, enter the path to the Ajax Control Toolkit repository at


After you click the Clone button, all the files from the Ajax Control Toolkit will be copied from CodePlex to the AjaxControlToolkitHG folder. A green checkmark should appear on top of the AjaxControlToolkitHG folder.

3. Get the Latest Code - You can get the latest code from the CodePlex source code repository at any time in the future by right-clicking the AjaxControlToolkitHG folder and opening the Repository Explorer. Follow these steps:
  1. Select the value Update from the After Pull dropdown list.
  2. Click the Pull incoming changesets button to get the latest code from the CodePlex repository.
If you forget to select Update from the dropdown list before performing a pull request then you will need to complete an additional update step by right-clicking the AjaxControlToolkitHG repository and selecting the menu option TortoiseHg, Update.

4. Install the Microsoft Ajax Minifier
The Ajax Control Toolkit project uses the Microsoft Ajax Minifier to minify all of its JavaScript files. You need to install the Microsoft Ajax Minifier before opening the Ajax Control Toolkit solution or you will get an error message when you attempt to open the Visual Studio solution.

You can download the Microsoft Ajax Minifier from the Download page.

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