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About the “ASP.Net AJAX” Control Toolkit Project

Welcome to the “AJAX” Control Toolkit project! In this document, you’ll find all the information you need to know about becoming a contributor. The “AJAX” Control Toolkit (which we’ll refer to as simply the “Toolkit”) is a new type of project for Microsoft. It’s built on top of a set of pre-release, cutting-edge technologies, it ships with source code, and it’s structured to take contributions from the community.

Over the past year or two, UI on web pages has undergone a bit of a transformation. Even though the technologies have existed for nearly a decade, there is renewed focus on optimizing the user experience of applications in the browser. This has given rise to a set of technologies often referred to as “AJAX”, which is shorthand for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, which allow web pages to update without full round-trips to the server.

Several technologies have been built upon AJAX techniques, and here at Microsoft we’ve built a framework that we refer to as “ASP.Net AJAX”. ASP.Net AJAX is a set of technologies on both the client and the server side of web applications. Some ASP.Net AJAX components leverage the development model of ASP.NET and allow server-side developers to improve their website experience without learning any specific AJAX technologies. Other ASP.Net AJAX components leverage the client side of the equation by taking advantage of JavaScript and the Document Object Model (DOM) interfaces present in modern browsers. It is in this arena where ASP.Net AJAX makes its biggest contribution: a rich, object-oriented framework built on top of JavaScript which allows you to do many operations such as web service calls or UI modifications in a browser-independent way.

But what developers really need are components that are ready-made to improve the look and feel of their web applications. That’s where the Toolkit comes in. We believe that by making some initial investments and then harnessing the passion of the community, that together we can build the most complete and useful set of web-client UI components available anywhere.

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