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Patching Points

Patching is going to be an incredible way to leverage the power and support of the Toolkit Community to make the Toolkit better and more feature rich. We would like to recognize the efforts put in by our "Patch Contributors".

So why should you contribute patches?
  • Bragging rights: With all the bugs you will fix, you will be super-familiar with the Toolkit codebase. Sign yourself up for becoming a Toolkit guru!
  • Power: Want to see a fix in the toolkit, no more waiting, betting or voting, just patching!
  • Fame: Be prepared to handle the paparazzi
    • All patch contributors will be listed on the Toolkit Sample Website releases page along with the number of bugs they fixed that got into that release and a link to their website profile. This will be effective starting next release.
    • Top patch contributors will also be listed in the Patch Hall of Fame that will show the top patch contributors of all times with the total number of patches submitted by them till date and accepted by the Toolkit team.
    • If the number of patches submitted by a user and accepted by the Toolkit team exceeds 15 we will offer them membership of the Toolkit Contributors team.
  • Fun: Lots of interaction with the super-cool Toolkit team. Your chance to socialize!
So what are you waiting for? Start patching.

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