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Ajax Control Toolkit Seadragon

The Seadragon control can be used for interactively viewing images. Use your mouse to pan and zoom around the image.

Learn how to create images that work with the Seadragon control by visiting the Microsoft Live Labs website at

Seadragon Server Properties

The properties in italics are optional.

<ajaxToolkit:Seadragon ID="Seadragon2"
    <ajaxToolkit:SeadragonControl runat="server"
      <asp:Menu runat="server" ...>
        set menu style
          <asp:MenuItem Text="Menu" Value="Menu" />
          <asp:MenuItem Text="Control" Value="Control" />
          <asp:MenuItem Text="Over" Value="Over" />
          <asp:MenuItem Text="Seadragon" Value="Seadragon" />
  • animationTime - The amount of time in seconds that animations should last. Default is 1.5.
  • blendTime - The amount of time in seconds that new tiles take to blend from transparent to opaque. Default is 0.5.
  • alwaysBlend - Whether tiles should always blend in and out, not just when they're first loaded. Default is false.
  • autoHideControls - Whether controls should get automatically hidden when the user's mouse is off the viewer and the image has stopped animating. Default is true.
  • immediateRender - Whether the most appropriate tiles should always be rendered first, before any lower-res tiles are rendered. This loses the "sharpening" effect and instead creates a very visible "tiling" effect. Default is false.
  • minZoomDimension - The minimum size (in screen pixels) of either dimension that can result from zooming out. Default is 16.
  • maxZoomPixelRatio - The maximum pixel ratio (screen pixel to content pixel) that can result from zooming in. Default is 4.
  • visibilityRatio - The minimum portion of the viewport that must show visible content in both dimensions. Default is 0.1.
  • springStiffness - Determines how sharply the springs used for animations move. Default is 5.0.
  • imageLoaderLimit - The maximum number of concurrent image downloads that can be performed by each viewer. Default is 2.
  • clickTimeThreshold - The maximum number of milliseconds that can pass between a mousedown and a mouseup for the action to still be considered a "quick" click. Default is 200.
  • clickDistThreshold - The maximum number of pixels the mouse can move between a mousedown and a mouseup for the action to still be considered a "quick" click. Default is 5.
  • zoomPerClick - The factor by which images should zoom when clicked on. Default is 2.
  • zoomPerSecond - The factor by which images should zoom over each second when the zoom buttons are held down. Default is 2.
  • sourceUrl - The path for all UI images. This can be absolute or relative. If relative, it must be relative to the HTML page. A change to this value will only affect new viewers. Default is "img/".
  • showNavigationControl - Whether navigation buttons should be shown.

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