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December 4 2006:

Active Issue status: We have 132 active issues assigned to the toolkit contributors. We would like to bring the active work item numbers down.

Current number distributions are as follows: Cwenz: 4, Davidans: 25, Dmehers: 0, FCerqueira: 0, Garbin: 7, Glavman: 3, IDisposable: 4, JimZim: 2, KirtiD: 19, Pierlag: 3, Plipster:0, RBuckton: 8, RChern: 0, ScottCate: 0, ShawnBurke: 13, TedGlaza: 44.

Recommended steps to deal with your bugs:

• Look into active issues assigned to you and keep those your top priority.
• Update the issues with your investigation details and a brief summary of the fix as you handle each.
• Close the issues once you are done.
• Send me an email if you think you will be unable to handle issues and would like them reassigned
• If you are interested in fixing issues, let me know and next time we triage active items we will assign some to you

Next toolkit releases: We would like to have a release that coincides with the ASP.Net AJAX Release Candidate date which is around the 2nd week of December. It will mostly include fixes that make the toolkit work with new changes in ajax namely namespace changes. That should make the release lightweight and allow us to focus on a second release that will have work item fixes and new controls. The date for that release has not been set yet but we are targeting end of December.

Upcoming Controls: This is a set of controls that contributors are working on and a brief description on what they do.

• CalendarExtender: Extender to a textbox that provides a client side date picker (rbuckton)
• TabPanel: Tabstrip control that maintains selected state across postbacks (rbuckton)
• AJAXGrid: AJAX style grid that supports virtual scrolling (rbuckton)
• MaskEditExtender: Extender to a textbox that performs client side validation of input against a specific format\mask (fcerqueira)
• SlideShowExtender: Extender to an Image Control to navigate through pictures (kirtid)
• TextBoxCounterExtender: Extender to a textbox to reflect character count (scottkate)
• ListSearchExtender: Extender to a listbox that selects appropriate list item dynamically depending on characters keyed in(dmehers)
• DisableOnClickExtender: Extender to an input button that disables it when the onclick event is fired(dmehers)

Note: Not all of these controls have been approved and reviewed for the release branch. As a friendly reminder, we would like to stall all new control development in the prototype project and ensure that changes are approved, tested and reviewed before they move into the development branch to maintain a high quality bar for the toolkit. It is recommended that all new controls have toolkit tests that validate core control functionality. For more guidelines on adding new controls please refer to the contributor’s playbook which has been updated lately and is located at Cannot resolve file macro, invalid file name or id.

Top Work Items: This is a set of top issues we would like to deal with in the toolkit but have nobody actively working on these. If you think you would be interested in contributing to and\or authoring any of the below please send me an email.

• ProfileBindings: We are considering bringing back ProfileBindings support into the toolkit but have not made a decision yet
• ImageMapExtender: Extender to an ImageMap that shows a custom hover-menu when mousing over hotspots
• ScrollPositionExtender: Extender to panels\textbox controls with scrollbars that remembers scrollbar positions across postbacks
• CollapsibleSplitterPanel: Collapsible panel with resize support on the panels

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