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Hello again,

Hope all of you had an action-packed new year’s. We look forward to more activity on the toolkit front in the next couple of months. There has been a lot of community participation on the forums already which is fantastic. If you see questions pertaining to your controls do chime in.

Next toolkit releases:
  • 70116: Around mid-January ASP.Net Ajax 1.0 releases and we will release alongside to include minor fixes to accommodate some new changes, some major toolkit bug fixes and lots of new controls. We would like to close\fix the issues around Tuesday next week and then go through the release process after that.
    • Breaking change: “debug” is no longer global and needs to be accessed as “Sys.Debug”
    • All existing fixes in the development branch will go into this release
    • Active Work items\Bug fixes: 29 items proposed to be fixed before this release: bugs with Release set to “70116 Beta” at Below are the assignments. Please look at resolving issues to you for this release with high priority.
      • Davidans: 2
      • Kirtid: 14
      • Pierlag:1
      • Rbuckton: 4
      • Shawn: 3
      • Tedglaza: 5
    • NEW! Controls: We plan to add these controls to the toolkit this release.
      • AutoCompleteExtender(ASP.Net Ajax futures control): The much-requested control that provides suggestions to complete input typed in a textbox.
      • MaskedEditExtender(Fcerqueira): Control to enforce input entered into a text box is in a specific format complying with specific types using client-side validation.
      • TabPanel(Rbuckton): Tab strip control to organize page content.
      • Calendar(Rbuckton): Client-side calendar control.
  • 70215: This release will be around February tentatively. We would like to have had more bug fixes in 70116 but since we had to meet the date with the ajax release we expect this one to be heavy on fixes. There are 69 active work items in this bucket currently. Please do take a look at ones assigned to you and handle them using the bug guidelines in the playbook.

Check-in guidelines: We would like to maintain the code quality bar in the toolkit and get more contributor participation via code reviews. When checking in code fixes if you could, in the check-in notes,
  • include the contributor contact name who reviewed your code
  • provide a brief note on the feedback taken
that will help acknowledge the efforts of the code reviewer and allow us to establish a check-in guideline to have code reviews.

If you have more input on how you would like to see this work, please let us know. If you would like more feedback on your code, you could always send the shelveset to the toolkit contributors’ alias as well. I will update the playbook with this information.

More New Controls: There are some more in the pipeline for the second release: AnimatedSiteMapMenu and SlideShowExtender. These are checked into the prototype project currently.

Controls Wishlist: We will be tracking controls that we would like to see added to the toolkit at this page. If you have ideas do share them with us: ControlsWishlist

Playbook Wiki: We have now the contributor’s playbook in wiki format on the codeplex site and we will update that as required. Note: If you install the Visual Studio Service Pack 1 then the WAP update does not need to be installed separately.TOC

Control contacts: We have also added a page that lists the toolkit controls and their corresponding contacts. This page will evolve as different contributors step up to take responsibility of existing controls: ControlOwnership

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