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We would like to introduce new controls into the toolkit in a democratic fashion. If you query for all open(not closed) wishlist items under issue tracker you should see the new requests. Please vote for controls you would like to see in the toolkit. You can also conduct forum discussions on controls that are being tracked here and new controls you would like to see check if something that already exists solves the problem at

Here is our wishlist of controls\new features in no particular order:
(Note: this may not be an exhaustive list and there may be more controls in the issue tracker)
  • ImageMapExtender: Extender to an ImageMap that shows a custom hover-menu when mousing over hotspots
  • ScrollPositionExtender: Extender to panels\textbox controls with scrollbars that remembers scrollbar positions across postbacks
  • CollapsibleSplitterPanel: Collapsible panel with resize support on the panels
  • Check all\none for grid: An extender for a check box that can check/uncheck all the check boxes in a grid.
  • Visual Studio like pinnable sliders: Sliders which slide in and out of view, but can be pinned so they stay in place. On pinning, a event can be sent to save the pin-state at the server.
  • SaveStateExtender: Extender that prompts the user to save changes made to a control(s) when they attempt to navigate elsewhere without saving.

We have in the works the following controls which may or may not be integrated into the toolkit.
  • ListSearch extender control for listboxes and dropdowns
  • ContextMenu: Relevant menu for controls available on right clicking
  • WYSIWYG editor
  • BalloonPopup Extender
  • AnimatedSiteMapMenu control

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