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ListSearch Extender (demo)

ListSearchExtender lets you search for items in the ListBox or DropDownList by typing. The extender performs an incremental search within the ListBox based on what has been typed so far. The prompt message that is displayed when you click the list can be customized along with its CSS class and position.


Name Description
IsSorted Indicates if items added to the List are expected to be sorted Remarks: The default value is false. If it is set to true, it allows code to perform a faster search instead of performing the same operation before the search
OnHide OnHide animation will be played each time the extender's prompt is hidden
OnShow OnShow animation will be played each time the extender's prompt is displayed Remarks: The prompt will be positioned correctly but hidden. Animation can be used to display the prompt with other visual effects
PromptCssClass The name of a CSS class to apply to the prompt message
PromptPosition Indicates whether the message should appear at the Top or Bottom of the ListBox. The default is Top
PromptText A message to display when the ListBox or DropDownList receives focus Remarks: The default value is 'Type to search'. The PromptText is replaced by the search text typed by a user
QueryPattern Indicates how typed characters should be used in the search query Remarks: The default pattern queries for results that start with the typed word
QueryTimeout Indicates whether a search query should be reset after the timeout if no match is found. The default is 0 meaning no auto reset behavior

Client properties

A Boolean value used to determine whether or not the list has been sorted upon population
Getter name: get_isSorted()
Setter name: set_isSorted(value)

A JSON definition of generic OnHide animation
Getter name: get_onHide()
Setter name: set_onHide(value)

The Sys.Extended.UI.Animation.GenericAnimationBehavior object containing generic OnHide animation behavior
Getter name: get_onHideBehavior()

A JSON definition of generic OnShow animation
Getter name: get_onShow()
Setter name: set_onShow(value)

The Sys.Extended.UI.Animation.GenericAnimationBehavior object containing generic OnShow animation behavior
Getter name: get_onShowBehavior()

A CSS class applied to prompt when a user clicks the list
Getter name: get_promptCssClass()
Setter name: set_promptCssClass(value)

A Sys.Extended.UI.ListSearchPromptPosition value used to determine where the prompt should be positioned relative to the target control (Top (default) or Bottom) Can be Top (default) or Bottom
Getter name: get_promptPosition()
Setter name: set_promptPosition(value)

Prompt text displayed when a user clicks the list
Getter name: get_promptText()
Setter name: set_promptText(value)

A Sys.Extended.UI.ListSearchQueryPattern value used to determine the search query pattern to be used to find items (StartsWith (default) or Contains)
Getter name: get_queryPattern()
Setter name: set_queryPattern(value)

The number indicating timeout in milliseconds upon which the search query will be cleared. Zero means no auto reset
Getter name: get_queryTimeout()
Setter name: set_queryTimeout(value)

A Boolean value indicating whether or not the OnChange event should be raised as soon as the selected element is changed when the list loses focus or when a user hits Enter
Getter name: get_raiseImmediateOnChange()
Setter name: set_raiseImmediateOnChange(value)

Client methods

Plays OnHide animation

Plays OnShow animation

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