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PieChart Control (demo)

The PieChart control enables you to render a pie chart from one or more PieChartValues. This control is compatible with any browser which supports SVG including Internet Explorer 9 and above.


Name Description
PieChartClientValues Provides the list of PieChartValues to the client side Remarks: Needs help from the PieChartValues property for designer experience support, because Editor always blocks the property's ability to provide values to the client side as ExtenderControlProperty does at runtime
PieChartValues A list of PieChartValues

Client properties

Height of the chart
Getter name: get_chartHeight()
Setter name: set_chartHeight(value)

A title of the chart
Getter name: get_chartTitle()
Setter name: set_chartTitle(value)

Font color of the chart title
Getter name: get_chartTitleColor()
Setter name: set_chartTitleColor(value)

Width of the chart
Getter name: get_chartWidth()
Setter name: set_chartWidth(value)

Provides the list of PieChartValues
Getter name: get_pieChartClientValues()
Setter name: set_pieChartClientValues(value)

A theme of the chart
Getter name: get_theme()
Setter name: set_theme(value)

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